Sustainable, limited and affordable
luxury bags.

limited and
luxury bags.

Why is it a luxury bag?

Because it is manufactured in Ubrique, the world’s cradle of luxury leather goods, by specialized artisans, in limited editions and using only premium materials.

Why is it sustainable?

Because for its manufacture we use leathers that come from excess production in the luxury industry. This allows us to ensure the best quality, following a 100% sustainable “zero waste” production model.

Why is it limited?

Because the leathers we work with are limited, allowing us to produce only a few units of each color. Most of our bags will no longer be available once sold out.

Why is it affordable?

Because having the same materials and being manufactured by the same artisans in the same place, it costs 4 times less than the world’s most famous brands.

Luxury is not determined by price, but by value.


Every piece is carefully handmade in Spain



With sustainability as our main pillar, we particularly pursue an upcycling production model that follows conscious consumption patterns, using responsibly sourced materials and supporting local economies.

The leather we select for our products comes from excess in the luxury industry, in this way, we maximize the use of existing materials, following a 100% sustainable “zero waste” production model, while guaranteeing the best quality. 

At MIUUR we are firmly committed to producing only what is necessary. In accordance with this principle, our collections are exclusive and limited, therefore, some items will not be available again once they sell out.


Constantly seeking for excellence, we work closely with the best craftsmen in the world’s cradle of luxury leather goods, embodying their expertise and know-how in each and every product we create.

All our collections are designed and manufactured in Spain using premium materials and centenary traditional techniques that have been passing on from generation to generation.

We choose to empower local craftsmanship as our commitment towards the industry and our customers. 


Leather sourcing is one of the most important steps in our collection development process.

At MIUUR, we choose to work with leather that comes form excess production in the luxury industry. Made in the most reputable tanneries from Italy and Spain, it guarantees the creation of long-lasting pieces, as well as delivering an exceptional finish for all our designs.

To ensure the leather looks better over time, please follow our product care guide.

miuur minds


We are particularly meticulous at ensuring a good quality and long live for all the hardware we use in our products. Therefore, every metal part we select from our suppliers in Italy and Spain is nickel free and has a 0.05 to 0.1 mu 24k gold plating.

To protect its finishing and prevent any early colour loss or damage, a varnish coat is applied on top.

Following our “care for details” value, we have created MIUUR’s signature ambrato gold colour and the most special pieces show our logo embossed.


The essence of our design is based on 3 key premises that make up the perfect balance between contemporaneity, timelessness and functionality.

Our models are designed to best complement each lifestyle, each occasion, providing distinction and quality. Therefore, during the creative process, we evaluate numerous alternatives and take care of every detail to create collections that speak for themselves.

MIUUR pieces are made to last.


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Product care

MIUUR has carefully selected premium materials to handcraft your new product. Its natural leather is unique: any incidental tonal variations, marks or veins are natural features, and should not be considered as imperfections.

–     If your bag or leather item should come into contact with water, do not wipe the leather. Rather, dab it with a soft, neutral-coloured cloth to absorb the moisture.

–     To clean it, you can wipe it delicately using a clean and soft cloth.

–     Avoid using commercial products meant for other uses, such as shoe polish, turpentine, oil, stain-removers, alcohols or solvents.

–     Do not rub your bag with anything coarse or abrasive.

–     If your bag becomes soiled, consult a specialist cleaner or your original place of purchase.

–     Pale-coloured bags, especially white, beige, nude or light taupe, are particularly sensitive to light, dust and stains. It is very difficult to return them to their original finish.

–     To preserve the original quality and shape of your MIUUR and ensure its long life, avoid over exposure to light, heat and humidity. When not in use, we recommend to stuff your bag with tissue paper and store it upright in its protective bag in a cool and dry place.

Remember that for any further information or special requests, our staff are always at your service.

Shipping & returns

Free shipping on all orders to Spain*

Worldwide Express Shipping

Estimated delivery time:

–     Spain: 1 – 2 business days
–     Other EU countries: 2 – 5 business days
–     Rest of the World: 3 – 7 business days

In case you need to exchange or return any item purchased at, you have up to 14 days from the delivery date.

For more details, please read our return policy.

*Peninsula, Ceuta, Melilla & Balearic Islands


All purchases made at will be gift wrapped in our signature packaging.

MIUUR Signature Packaging

Every item is protected by a cotton cover bag and carefully placed in a MIUUR box.

If your order is a gift, we will decorate the package with a ribbon, you can also include a personalized message for the recipient before completing your purchase.

For security reasons, the outer shipping packaging does not contain the brand’s distinctive logo or anagrams.

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